About Us

Company Overview:

     LA Steel Works is fast growing fabricator and distributor within the construction industry, specializing in rebar services and concrete supplies. Our Marietta Georgia location services all of Georgia and into some of the border states, with the ability to ship stock products nationally. Our goal is to be the go-to rebar fabricator and product supplier for Professional Concrete General Contractor (GC) needs. The business was then acquired by the Vickless family with the expectation of growing the business, while continuing to provide individualized professional service to industry professionals.”

What Makes Us Unique:

     Many businesses talk about their abilities; at LA Steel Works we prefer to allow our actions to speak for the quality and service provided. What makes our business different is the approach we take with our GC partners. We see the GC as a critical partner within the construction process, and work to support our customers to the best of our ability. 

     As a mid-size provider, we can offer the best of both worlds, competitive volume pricing with a personal touch. Our size allows us to be more agile with an ability to quickly adjust schedules and priorities, making it possible to deliver in shorter accurate lead times. Additionally, limited layers of management, ensures you are communicating with a decision maker at all times. This means you get answers when you need them.

     Although we have the ability to fabricate bollards, and structural steel our core competitive advantage is the ability to fabricate high volumes of heavy rebar sizes #7 and above within lead time. Utilizing top of the line computer aided equipment allows us to accurately bend multiple bars at a time, and moving tonnage quickly through the shop.

Our Values:


  • Professionalism encompasses all aspects of being a great service provider, while conducting business in an honest, ethical, and respectful manner.


  • Working as a team is a critical aspect of business. LA Steel Works promotes a culture of respect, shared goals & values, and work ethic.

Continuous Improvement

  • Businesses that fail to innovate and improve their processes get left behind. We continuously identify and implement ways to be more efficient, customer focused, and quality driven.

Our History:

     LA Steel Works was founded by Michael and Lisa Hannon in 2010, providing superior customer service, and delivering quality steel products to the construction industry. The business was then acquired by the Vickless family with the expectation of growing the business, while continuing to providing individualized professional service to industry professionals.

     Today LA Steel works is expanding operations to provide quicker turn times on medium to large industrial rebar and structural steel projects. Our team of engineers, fabricators, and leaders have years of industry experience and a common goal to provide exceptional services, in the quickest timeframe possible. We can complete this task through utilization of precision automated equipment, operated by a team of skilled, conscientious operators.

     Our Inspiration - Martin & Audrey Vickless. Both were born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, where they raised a family built on faith, respect and unity. Martin was a Construction Superintendent managing large scale projects throughout the East Coast. He was hands down one of the hardest working individuals ever, where 12 hours was only a half day of work. After 5 generations of construction and manufacturing, our goal is to achieve the same level of respect, professionalism, and work ethic within the industry.