Our Process

Our Process & Equipment:

     In order to produce several tons of rebar per day, LA Steel Works relies on several pieces of state of the art equipment, capable of delivering accurate, repeatable bends on rebar up to #11.

     The rebar process consists of creating a shop drawing based on the projects specs, then a set of cut sheets and tags are printed for the floor operators to fabricate the job. Individual job tags will flow through the shop in one of three directions, (1) Shear Line to be cut then staged for bending or pick-up (2) Stirrup Line to be fabricate Stirrups, Ties, or Standees.

     The shear line operators determine the bar size to be run for the job and organizes the job tags to efficiently cut the job and eliminate waste. As bars are cut they drop into various shoots to be tied and then staged for the bend operation or transferred to the yard for pick-up/delivery. Cut tags accompany each bundle of bars are they flow through the shop to ensure quality.

     Once the bars are cut to length and staged at the appropriate bend line the bend operator programs the machine based on the dimensions and bar size noted on the tag. During the set-up, the operator also enters the bar quantity to be produced. A test bar is fabricated and inspected to ensure the measurements meet the required dimensions on the tag. If everything is correct, the operator will proceed with the job and stop at the predetermined machine count. This second level of inspection ensures accurate bar counts as materials are tagged and combined for pick-up/delivery. 

Magnabend Line:

     When a job requires heavy, long bar, there is only one piece of equipment for the job, the KRB Magnabender. This state of the art, computer controlled beast is able to bend up to two #11 bars at a time. The shop typically bends #7 and #8 bar, capable of producing at a rate of 15 – 20 tons per day. This machine is the heart of the plant and allows LA Steel Works to be an industry leader in the rebar fabrication industry.

Stirrup Line:

     When a customer requires several repeatable pieces of a complex shaped bar, the KRB Stirrup Machine is put into action. The stirrup machine is capable of bending dual bars or #3 rebar or single strands of #4, #5, and #6 bar. 


Radius Bend Line:

     The Radius Line is where LA Steel Works operators fabricate various sizes of rings, typically from 8” up to 48”. The radius bender allows for simpler fabrication of an exact circle. Trying to produce a ring accurately would be quite a challenge without a Rebar Machine Service bender. 


Shear Line:

     Shearing starts by loading Grade 60 steel onto the KRB shear-line and cut to size. Our 90 foot shear line works in conjunction with the bending equipment; as bars are cur per ticket they are segregated and transported to the one of the four bend lines (Radius Line, KRB Magnabend, Pedax CC bender, and manual bender).


Pedax CC Bend Lines:

     The workhorses of the shop are our manual lines, utilized on a daily basis to support smaller jobs usually in the 5 to 10 ton range. These machines like the Pedax Computer Controlled Bender allow the operator to program complex bends accurately reproduce hundreds or thousands of bars for various size jobs. 


Bar Tags

     We utilize Shear 97 software to generate and print bar tags and cut sheets to ensure accuracy throughout the process. When the bar fabrication is complete, the bundle of bars are tagged and staged for pick-up or delivery to the job site.