Rebar Fabrication

     Our specialty is rebar fabrication. The highly skilled LA Steel Works team is experienced in cutting and forming various sizes of reinforcing bar to meet highly complex customer designs. You will not find foreign steel on our lot, we utilize all Grade 60, U.S Steel. 



      Steel is fabricated and tagged to ensure accuracy during the cutting process, and easily identified on the job site when accompanied with cut sheets and shop drawings. 

     Reinforcing steel bars also known as rebar is used to reinforce concrete and masonry structures, enabling these to retain their tensile strength even when subjected to changes in temperature, weather and exposure to the elements. The most common type of Rebar is made from high-carbon tempered steel, consisting of hot-rolled round bars.  These bars are typically tied together in cross patterns for further reinforcement, and is cast with a ridged surface to grip the concrete.


     Rebar is usually uncoated under normal conditions, and is susceptible to rust or corrosion if exposed to the elements. Light surface rust does not pose a problem when rebar is submerged into the concrete at a proper depth. However, in certain cases where the rebar is set too close to the surface, rusting can occur, and eventually cause cracks in the concrete. In applications where the bar is exposed or may be set close to the surface other rebar materials such as coated, stainless or composite may be more suitable.


     Rebar is available in a variety of diameters and strengths depending on the application. LA Steel Works has the ability to cut and bend from your shop drawing or can assist with our own in-house engineers.