Anchor Bolts Information

     When assembling a steel structure it is critical to ensure the mounting hardware meets the engineered requirements to mitigate a potential failure.  Anchor bolts are heavy-duty fasteners embedded into a concrete surface, with the exposed threaded end available to attach a structural element.


     There are primarily two types of anchor bolts, cast-in-place and post-installed. Cast-in-place anchor bolts are set at predetermined locations then wet concrete is poured around the bolt encapsulating the shank of the bolt, and leaving the threaded end of the bolt for a washer and nut.

     Post-installed anchor bolts require a hole to be drilled into hardened concrete and the bolt is then mechanically installed. Again, a threaded end is exposed from the concrete to allow for a washer and nut for structural elements to be installed.


     LA Steel Works offers a variety of anchor bolts, nuts, washers and sources hardware on a regular basis for commercial projects.